Customer Relationship Management

Assignment (20%) Web Best Practices 1.Research of Web Best Practices (5%) Research current best practices associated with websites that can be used to enhance the provision of eChannel service. Pick five that you feel would make a positive impact on the provision of service in the channel and briefly describe them. The information can be found by using searches on the internet itself as well as through studies provided by prominent survey companies. Make sure that you do not use multiple examples for Usability as it is the blend of its sub-components that generate usability. Supply references according to Program Standard format for the choices that you have made. Your references should be recent to ensure that you are truly selecting a current best practice. 2.Review of Best Practises Websites. (5%)(,,,….) Search for corporate, government or NGO (Non Government Organization) websites that can be used as specific examples for a particular best or leading practise. Provide a screen shot of the site and highlight evidence on the site of the practise. Submit a total of 5 different sites. The sites do not have to reflect the same practises as Part 1 but do have to relate to a generally recognized best or leading practise. 3.Web Approach Comparisons. (5%) Briefly compare the characteristics of Web 1.0; Web 2.0, Web 3.0 and Web 4.0. Provide a bibliography of other useful references or websites that you may have accessed in answering this question. Ensure program standard notation is used. 4.Mobile Applications and Open Data (5%) Describe how mobile applications and Open Data approaches are transforming web services in eBusiness and eGovernment. 5.Bonus Marks (up to 2%) How is supply chain thinking important to the creation of web services in a Web 3.0 environment?

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