Data Research-Part 1


Examine the Practical Suspicious Email.txt

You are an investigator at a major U.S.-based bank, and one of your duties is to monitor outgoing employee emails. The main objective of this

monitoring effort is to catch any customer data (such as a Social Security Number [123-45-6789] or email addresses) being removed, which is

against company policy.

During your monitoring operations, you find an employee that appears to be emailing a large book, and you decide to give this file further

inspection. However, the book appears to be over 48,000 lines of text, and you cannot read each line.

Complete the following steps:

Choose a tool to inspect the above-mentioned file and explain why you chose the particular tool.
Create literal or regular expression searches to look for interesting data.
Show the results of your interesting findings, and recommend further searches on other data based on your results and how you tested to ensure

your search was formed or formatted correctly.


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