Charles is a 45 year -old accountant who is recently separated from his wife and is going through a bitter custody battle for his two children. Charles was also denied a promotion at work, which
he believed he deserved due to his seniority with the company. He has been going to happy hour multiple times a week after work and indulges in several alcoholic beverages each time.

AGE RANGE 18-25!!!!! Health Issue Analysis: In this section of your final project, you will conduct an analysis of the chosen individual and the age
specific population that they belong to for informing your future recommendations regarding potential prevention options.
a.Provide an overview of the health information present in the individual profile you have chosen,and identify the age-specific population that is
affected by the health issue. In your response, consider what will be the most important information for your analysis.
b.Describe the prevalence of the health issue in the age-specific population based on the available data,and explain how it informs your analysis
of the individual and the population. For example, if the health issue is high blood pressure, what is the national prevalence of this issue in the
age-specific population? How would that information inform your analysis?
c.Describe whether the prevalence of the health issue has changed over time
based on the available data,and explain how it informs your analysis of the individual and the population. For example, if the prevalence of high blood pressure in the age-specific population is different than it used to be, how does that influence your analysis?
d.Identify the typical symptoms of the health issue,and discuss how the symptoms differ between those of the individual profile and those of the
age-specific population.
e.Determine potential causes of the health issue for the individual you have chosen and explain how these potential causes are similar or different
from those of the age-specific population.
f.Explain what the implications of the basic health risk data for the age-specific population might be for the individual and the population in regard
to appropriate prevention options. Be sure to justify your response with examples and appropriate resources.
g.Identify typical prevention options used to prevent or mitigate the health issue for the age-specific population. For example, when dealing with instances
of high blood pressure, what are common options that are used to help prevent or mitigate the issue for middle-aged adults?
Prevention: In this section, you will use your analysis to determine potential prevention options appropriate for preventing or mitigating the health issue
for your individual and his or her age-specific population. The potential prevention options may differ based on their health information.
a.Identify best practices of the field regarding prevention options that would be used for the age-specific population with this health issue. Be sure to support your response with examples.
b.Determine potential prevention options that could be recommended for the population and the individual,and explain why you chose the
method(s). Be sure to support your response with appropriate resources and best practices in the field.
c.Explain how the age of an individual or a population influences the appropriate prevention options. In other words, how does age factor into
deciding upon prevention recommendations?

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