Describe, Analize, and Contrast three Graphic Design Pieces (next on the details) from the MOMA .

I saw 3 posters at the MOMA that i would like to describe, analyze and contrast. 1-artist name: Jules Cheret, and the poster is named theater phone. 2-artist name: Bonnie Maclean, and the poster is named Metaphore 3-jan tschichold, and the name of the poster is the professional photographer his tools, his work. whit this i also need a bibliography of sources consulted. Note: i went to see this posters in person. i need to answer some questions in my essay like, who is the designer, waht is the subject of the tittle,technique materials,where and when was the work made, what do i think was the function of the poster, the elements use to give form to the design, font style and usage,text,drawings,what colors are used for the elements, how has the designer choose to arrange the elements,how do these part are related to,what is the proportion between solid and empty areas. were is the emphasis of the imag, is the message that the designer wished to make clear. what is my general impression of the work. or any other objects you wish to discuss.

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