Design Styles

Design Styles
three case studies (Each 275 Words) Case Study 1: History and Principles of The International Typographic Style (Include Key Designers such as Josef-Muller Brockmann and reference Key Work such as the ‘Zurich Tonhalle – Concert Poster (1955)) Case Study 2: Conduct your own research and do a case study on Minimalist Movie Posters (Origin and growth, any principles or key artists you can find and give your own analysis on a minimalist movie poster of your choice). Case Study 3: History and Principles of Infographic Design (Don’t confuse this with Information Design!) Each case study is a part of my essay that focuses on ‘visual communication’, so include how each case study is relevant to visual communication, as a summary for each case study (i.e. Infographic design plays a huge role in visual communication because…) P.S. You may write in 1st person Opinions are necessary in this type of essay.

Case Study I – The International Typographic Style
Information Resources (Web)

Lessons From Swiss Style Graphic Design

Swiss (International) Style Of Design: The Guiding Principles That Influence Flat Design

The International Typographic Style: A Brief History

Swiss Style: The Principles, the Typefaces & the Designers

Information Resources (Print)
Josef Muller Brockmann – Pioneer of Swiss Graphic Design – by Lars Muller
100 Years of Swiss Graphic Design – Museum fur Gestaltung Zurich – by Lars Muller
Swiss Graphic Design – by Richard Hollis
Useful Images to Reference
– Zurich Tonhalle Concert Poster by Josef M.Brockmann

– Google Search

Case Study II – Minimalist Movie Posters
Useful Images to Reference
– Google Search
– Top Posters, Including insights by
Note: This case study is difficult because there’s not much resources, but you can mention that most posters are made by film fans. Try to mention any popular designers, but don’t include markets that create them for sales. As I mentioned, you may write in 1st person, so after thorough research, you may give your own insight and give an analysis of your favourite poster.

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Case Study III – Infographic Design
Information Resource
– 99 Best Infographics, including insights by
– The Do’s and Dont’s – Includes information on Infographic Design
– Small resource – Includes ‘More Information’ – Top right of page
Useful Images to Reference
– Google Search
– 11 Best Infographics – chosen by Lindsay Kolowich