Developing a cross-natural and cross-cultural schema


Course Project
Developing a cross-national and cross-cultural schema on any three geographical regions (Asia, Europe, South-America, South-East Asia,

Middle-East, Africa, North America). Objective of this exercise is to learn the complexities of cross-national differences, and their

impact on global business management. It is an individual exercise.
In this activity, you will be examining the differences across 3 regions (or nations) on at least one of the following aspects.
a) Political and legislative processes with regard to business, trade, finance or commerce.
b) Financial and commercial institutions that administer industry, trade, banking or commerce.
c) Corporate governance systems (for example, managerial compensation, Board of Directors, Securities and exchange commission,

codetermination, state regulation)
d) Employee (or managerial) aspirations, motivational drives, career and personal goals, lifestyle choices.
e) Consumer trends, income level across layers, disposable income and spending patterns, products/services that they spend the most

(education vs leisure, personal or family choices), motivational drives, decision makers and gate keepers (elders, parents, or children).
f) Human resources management practices, training, managerial selection or leadership, individual or team rewards, benefits, incentive

g) Pricing decisions, Business negotiations, capital budgeting decisions, payback period, IP rights etc.
Based on studying differences across chosen regions on any of the above issues, you have to write a short report (at least 4 pages) of

what you have observed and how will you accommodate these differences in your decision making with regard to a business. Short power point

presentation/posting in the assignment folder also required. (Tabulate the differences).


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