Deviance and social control

Find an article in a newspaper/magazine/online media and tie this into topic of deviance and social control.You may use any credible news sources like NPR, Washington Times, Denver Post etc. Guideline:
1. The first paragraph of the posting will be a summary of the article. Explain what it is about, what the main story line is. Also, be sure to say where it came from and give the reference information. 2. The second paragraph should explain how the article relates to a topic in the textbook chapter (chapter 6). Cite the textbook material here, explain the concept, and then how the article relates to this.
3.The final paragraph or two is why article was chosen and why it is important.Feel free to add in your own opinions here.

Textbook information: Essentials of sociology: Down to earth approach by James M Henslin – 9th edition(you can use any edition that you can find, I will match citations myself).



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