Disability Law Module


‘The duty [to make] reasonable adjustments for people with disabilities is hugely important in practice in terms of making it possible for disabled people to compete on a more level playing field…’
G, Pitt, Employment Law, 2014 Sweet and Maxwell

Ensure you can write 4,000 words (there is a 10% leeway).
You can focus on a specific aspect/sector (e.g. if you discuss employment, you should focus on the impact of reasonable adjustments in the employment field).
Before writing your essay, ensure there are sufficient academic sources – do not rely heavily on Internet sources, and ensure you use authoritative sources (academic articles, use textbooks with caution – check the date). Some journals or articles are only available in hard copy.
Conducting in-depth research will aid your analysis, this means using a variety of authoritative sources. Although some articles may discuss reasonable adjustments generally, you should be selective and ensure the content in your essay is addressing the pertinent issues.
Do not spend too much time discussing the history of the DDA 1995.
Do not rely heavily on Internet sources, use academic journals and textbooks as evidence.
If you do not provide evidence, your analysis will be limited.
Ensure you proof-read your work before submission, and ensure you adhere to OSCOLA guidelines

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