Discrimination associated to Major Depression

Using the main article titled, “Discrimination, Family Relationships, and Major Depression Among Asian Americans”, relate the other 4 peer reviewed articles to main article, write a literature review. State the research question of the main article, which is, whether discrimination more commonly experienced in broader social contexts, as well as stress experienced within the family in the form of negative interactions with relatives, are associated with major depression among Asian Americans. State the hypothesis of the main article as well, which is, that both discrimination and negative interactions with relatives would be associated with greater risk of major depression, and that family sup- port would be associated with lower risk of major depression. Also, that negative interactions with relatives would exacerbate the association between discrimination and major depression; and that support from relatives would attenuate associations between major depression and both discrimination and negative interactions with relatives. Pull out common concepts within all the articles, discuss the independent and dependent variables in main article and relate all emerging concepts from the other others. The following website (http://guides.library.vcu.edu/lit-review ) has additional tutorials and guides on how to write a literature review.



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