Discussion 7 – 12-World History 1 – HIST 1111

5. Discussion 7 – 12-World History 1 – HIST 1111

Textbook: William J. Duiker and Jackson J. Spielvogel. The Essential World History, Seventh Edition, Volume I: To 1800. California: Thomson Wadsworth, 2014. ISBN-13: 978-1-133-60772-4
Discussion 7: Styles of Rule/Leadership
What does ancient China teach?
Ancient China displayed 3 distinct styles of rule under the Zhou, Qin, and Han. Which do you think is most effective in government? Is it circumstantial? Give your thoughts with examples from modern as well as past historical episodes.
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Discussion 8: Alexander
What can we gain from primary/secondary sources?
Look at the folder containing items related to Alexander the Great (1. quotes attributed to him, 2. map of his conquests, 3. a piece on his defeat of king Porus of India (p.98 in 6th edition of the text), 4. two secondary sources. Based on these documents, finish the sentence: "I imagine Alexander to be ____________________." Give evidence by using one of his quotes, what the map means to you, and your understanding of his mentality based on the reading "Alexander meets an Indian King" and the two other readings. You should cite each of these. They are all very short excerpt readings.
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Discussion 9: Growth of Christianity
How did it happen?
What were some of the key factors leading to Christianity’s growth in the Roman empire? Do you think the geographic location mattered in its spread or was not a big deal? How would you go about spreading a new religion in today’s times?
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Discussion 10: Islam/Christianity/Judaism
How do pillars compare?
After reading about the 5 pillars of Islam, how do these pillars compare/contrast with practices and tenets in Christianity and Judaism? What are similarities/differences between each pillar and aspects of Christianity and Judaism? Thoughts? (1 post).
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Discussion 11: Religion in the Americas
After looking at the slides, and the video clips on religion among the ancient Mayans and Aztecs, what is your view of religion for the people? How was it similar/different from the experiences with religion of other groups we have studied?
Video Clips
Aztec Religion

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Mayan Religion

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Discussion 12: Geography and History
Look at the map on slide 2 of African slides. It shows geographic diversity of Africa (desert areas, rainforest, savannah, etc). Thinking in general, what role do you think geography plays in the growth and development of history and cultures. For example, how does it affect jobs, recreation, activities, etc.? (Think about Africa specifically but also pull examples from anywhere in history–state, local, national, or world history).