Discussion #8: The Short Story

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The literary short story is a popular prose art form which delivers both a unique and entertaining story as well as a portrait of the complexities and realities of being human. Albert Camus’ “The Guest”and Leslie Silko’s “Yellow Woman” are two very different short stories from the modern/contemporary era in Western literature; each portrays a culture different from the U.S. culture but perhaps the realities and themes suggested by the stories have some application in our lives today.

Summarize what happens in each story; identify the Quest and the Test for the main character in each story. Identify the choices made by each central character and the consequences of these choices.

Finally, discuss how these stories and their themes give us perspectives that can be useful to us in our daily lives. What can you say about the themes suggested by the schoolmaster’s existence and his choices in “The Guest?” Hint: What we choose to do defines who we are. What can you say about the themes implied or suggested by the life and choices of Yellow Woman (the narrator and main character) in Silko’s story? Hint: For women, family and societal roles and obligations vs individual needs and freedoms. How are these themes universal and applicable to our lives?

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