Discussion Board


Successful Grant Stewardship: The Biggest Proposal Budget Bloopers and How to Avoid Them (YouTube Video, 7:20 minutes)

What is a Budget Justification (YouTube Video, 2:08 minutes)

How to Develop a Project Budget (Website)

How to Write a Budget Narrative for a Grant (Website)

Textbook – Coley & Schienberg (2014)

Chapter 8: Creating the Budget

Supplemental Readings

Writing a Budget Narrative Descriptions and Detailed Explanations Click for more options


Writing a Budget Justification with Justification Examples Click for more options


How to Build a Grant Budget
All of these are supplemental readings
Please answer the 6 questions below

After completing the readings, the interactive online course from the Foundation Center and viewing the multimedia for this Learning Module,

please complete the following:
1.Discuss the three most common blunders in creating a budget for a proposal and how you can avoid these blunders.
2.Discuss the role of a budget in a grant proposal – why is it needed and why is it so important for funders.
3.List the three other names the budget justification is also called and the purpose of the budget justification.
4.Most federal proposals explain how to structure the budget narrative but some private and corporate funders do not. For simple grant projects,

list at least two (2) options for structuring the budget narrative.
5.What are the “watchwords” for the budget justification?
6.Explain why “the more detail the better” when writing a budget justification?



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