Discussion: Internal Factors That Impact the Development and Approval of Curriculum


Internal factors can impact every aspect of the curriculum development process. When developing and seeking approval for staff trainings,

academic courses, or entire nursing programs, it is imperative that nurse educators are cognizant of the internal environment of the

parent institution or agency. Recognizing internal politics, budgetary and resource allocations, faculty/staff characteristics, and the

organizational structure of the setting can help nurse educators better prepare for the development process. In addition, aligning the

program to the overarching mission, vision, and philosophy of the institution can help nurse educators undergo a smoother approval

In this Discussion, you explore the development and approval processes used in an academic or clinical setting with which you are

familiar. You then determine how internal factors may have impacted these processes.
Consider how curriculum is developed and approved. How might approval at a large institution differ from that at a small institution? How

might approval for an academic institution differ from that of a clinical agency?
Select a curriculum (seminar, training, course, or program) offered through a workplace or academic institution with which you are

Review Chapter 7, “Internal Frame Factors,” in the Keating text. Examine how internal factors might have impacted the development and

approval of this curriculum.
Post a brief description of the curriculum and setting that you selected. Provide an overview of the curriculum development and approval

processes applicable to your selected setting. Explain how internal factors can impact the development and approval of this curriculum and


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