Discussion questions


Your answer must be composed of 3 to 5 well-organized and well-written sentences for each question. MAKE SURE TO PUT ALL ANSWERS INTO YOUR OWN WORDS. DO NOT SIMPLY REITERATE WHAT IS WRITTEN IN THE TEXT. If you reference any specific artwork(s) in your writing please make sure to identify the piece using full title and artist.


Q.1 What is art and why is studying art history important?


Q.2 How did the use of oil paint allow 15th C. Northern European painters to achieve highly detailed effects in their work? Use a specific example to explain.

Q.3 Discuss two different types of perspectival techniques. Use examples to explain each technique. What makes these techniques important to the continued development of art in the 15th C. and beyond?

Q.4 How does the art of the High Renaissance differ from Mannerist art?


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