Discussion, Unit 1

Important Notes for your writing: 2 pages in length

Please submit a response for each of the following three items. Number your responses accordingly.

For these responses and for much of the course work for this class, you are to use a familiar educational setting (e.g., your own classroom or workplace) as a focus of your reflection and responses, employ a classroom, school, or other education context that is very familiar to you (e.g., a class/school where you’ve taught before, the classroom/school of a son or daughter, the classroom or a relative of close friend who teaches, etc.).

Questions to develop responses on are:

1. Using the unit’s key concepts (which I uploaded for you) as a jumping off point, provide a paragraph-long response to the following. What are some benefits of synchronous instructional experiences? Of less fully synchronous (i.e., asynchronous of semi-synchronous activities? Reflect on your (or a suitable alternate) classroom or setting and identify one or two necessarily “synchronous” instructional activities in use there. What makes the activity(-ies) so synchronous? Are there ways in which the activity(-ies) might in fact be undertaken in a less synchronous fashion that could benefit students?

2. With reference to the film excerpt involving Mr. Keating and taken from “The Dead Poets’ Society,” (which I uploaded a link for you related to the part the professor want us to focus on in answering the following questions). Use a dictionary if necessary and consider the following terms related to the concept “mediate”: media, medium (as at a séance), medium (as in art), immediate. After enriching your understanding of “mediate” in that fashion, answer the following in a paragraph-long response. In what ways does Mr. Keating serve a “mediating” role between his students and the “outside world”? Specifically, in what ways does Keating serve as a conduit or transmitter of knowledge? In what ways does he serve as filter or non-transmitter of knowledge?

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3. Regarding the photo labeled “1938-crop-resized,” (which I uploaded for you) after looking at the photo carefully and making justifiable inferences about what is depicted there, you are to use some imagination by providing a (plausible) caption for the photo; a caption two or three sentences in length should do.