Discussion week 2 PSY250_2

read this brief article “Communicating with Emotional Intelligence: It Works Like MAGIC”: http://www.communicoltd.com/Resources/Articles/Customer-Service-Communication-Coaching-Skills/Communicating-with-Emotional-Intelligence.aspx (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

-For this discussion, you may choose one of the two prompts below in your main post:

Think about past supervisors or coworkers. Which emotional intelligence skills you would like to emulate? Which emotional intelligence skills do you feel will best assist you in your chosen career? Share with the class your chosen career field and what you hope to do in that field. Explain how emotional intelligence will help you be a valuable leader or coworker, and explain which skills you think will have the most value.
Think about how communication plays a role in your personal life. Share with the class a situation (either one of yours or a situation you observed) where poor communication skills were used. Tell the class what happened in that situation. Next, use the same situation and apply strong communication skills and emotional intelligence. Explain how you believe the situation would be different if effective communication skills were used. Why do you think effective communication is important in both your personal life and in your professional life?

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