Disposable People, Kevin Bales


Good book review will do the five things:

i. Tell what the book is about. Do not give a summary of the story, but give the topic, geographic area, and timespan that the book covers. This should take only one mid-length paragraph.

ii. Give the book’s key argument/point.

iii. Discuss the book’s sources and methodology: what kind of evidence and methods the author uses to make his/her point.

iv. Analyze if the argument hold water. Is the point well-made and supported with solid evidence and reasoning? If you were a juror, would you buy the author’s argument/point or not? Why or why not?

v. Your take. What did you think about the book? Did it interest or entertain you? Was it well written and clearly organized? This is the only openly subjective part of your review.

Please use good detail! The last book review I got from your company I got a low “B” on the report

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