Divine Command Theory


we will study ethics and the connection with religions. We will especially focus on the divine command theory in ethics. The ancient Greek philosopher Plato introduces us to this divine command theory through a meeting between Socrates and a young man named Euthyphro.
Philosophers like Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle began a systematic search around the question of how we should live as individuals and as a society that seeks the good. Socrates in particular asked the question: What is justice and what is a just society? In the Euthyphro dialogue, the central question is “What is piety or what is the good?”
Understanding the ethical dimension in the world’s religions,
Divine Command Theory
Can one be moral without religion?


In an essay (no less than 5-7 paragraphs)
Explain the problems presented in Plato’s rebuttal of the Divine Command theory (see Required Resources [dR. Widenbaum] and Ch. 3, pgs. 21-22).



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