Drug Court

Drug Court
You are required to write a research paper on a topic germane to your internship experience. For example, if you are doing your internship for a police agency, you may choose to do your paper on community policing. Selecting a topic is your choice, but the best topics are those that present some type of controversy or significant organizational issue for your agency. Next, you need to locate and retrieve 3 peer-reviewed journal articles dealing with that topic through one of our library search databases. The best one is Criminal Justice Abstracts with Full Text. The quality of your assignment is highly contingent upon the quality of the sources you select. In at least 6 double-spaced pages, please address the following issues (title and reference page not included):
1. Describe what you learned about the issue through your experiences at the agency.(15 pts)
2. What are the key findings of the articles you selected? (15 pts)
3. Compare/contrast the information in your sources to your experiences at the agency. Is your experience at the agency consistent with the information in your sources? With regard to the articles, focus more on the findings from the study and how they relate to your internship experiences. (15 pts)
4. What could be done different at the agency to improve the situation or solve the problem? Be as specific as possible. (15 pts)
5. Subhead these sections as follows: 1) experiences learned at (title of your agency), 2) A comparison of my articles and internship experiences , and 3) how current practices may be improved.
6. Provide a reference page for your sources at the end of your paper.

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Internship was at Felony Drug Court.