Due: The Day of the Final Exam

The writing assignment constitutes 20% of the final grade for the course. The paper should about 3 pages long with oneand a half spacing.

The criteria for determining your grade is as follows: organization, clarity of expression, general exposition of the material, and content.



Question 1: The US Economy is experiencing a huge trade deficit over last few decades. Explain the causes and consequences of this trade deficit on the US economy.

Question 2: Under what circumstances the trade deficit is really bad and under what circumstances the trade deficit is not too bad? Explain.

Tips: A good understanding of chapter 18 will really help you to answer these questions. Chapter 19 will be helpful too. I suggest that you read chapter 18 (and also 19) thoroughly from your textbook.
When you answer these questions, please make sure that you include necessary graphs and equations.


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