Please take note on page 71-78 to cover the following guidelines.
Answer the questions and make a summary

Reading guide for Malthus p.71-78 The Theory of Population
•Take notes on Malthus’s social concern ◦the struggle between workers, landlords, and capitalists?

•Take notes on Condorcet and Godwin ◦What did they say about inequality?
◦Why did Malthus attack them?

•Inevitable law of nature. ◦Human suffering preventable?
◦Population theory
◦Reproduction vs food production
◦What are the differences between the rich and the poor on reproduction?

•Rejected all schemes of redistribution of wealth ◦Why?
◦Make matter worst?
◦Class inequality is a necessity?
◦More harsh treatment to the poor?


Summarize this reading section and write your opinion about Malthus’ population theory.



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