1. Whats were the MAIN CHANGES in the trade agreement between Australia and Japan?( such as tariffs, give some more CHANGES before and

after signing the agreement , give evidence, how much tax reduce after trade agreement)

2. What were the MAIN CHANGES in the trade agreement between Australia and Korea?(same as question 1)

3. From analysing these trade agreement, in what products and services do you think Aus, Japan n Korea have comparative advantage?
– comparative advantage is When a country can produce a product with lower opportunity cost than another countries.
( We need to talk about things that Australia, Japan n Korean export n import, which products they can produce at lower cost, you need to


4. Who were the winners and losers from these trade agreements in Australia, Japan and Korea( its better if we put these elements in a

table, then pick 2 to explain the reason why Australia, Jap, Korea is the winner and loser for those elements)
(-Australia winner: agriculture industry, car buyer, electronic buyer, consumer( pick 2 then explain)
-Australia loser: car producer, worker work in car industry( explain)
– Japan winner: car producer, electronic producer, agriculture buyer( pick 2 then explain)
– Japan loser: agriculture producer( explain)
– Korea winner: car producer, electronic producer( explain
– Korea loser: agriculture producer( explain)

5. Do you think that these trade deals benefit all 3 countries equally?( 250-500words for this question)
The answer is Not equal

This report require less than 1900 words, You DONT have to Write executive summary
Reference around 5 to 8 is okay

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