Economics of Leisure

50. Economics of Leisure


1. David Patmore ( 2015 in O’Reilly, Rentschler & Kirchner, The Routledge Companion to Arts Marketing ) seems to suggest that the best way to increase demand for symphony orchestral concert ticket prices is by increasing single ticket prices. Explain this proposition and consider the available evidence for the impact of prices on demand in this sector OR a similar one of your own choosing (e.g. ballet, opera etc.).
{Please note the cited item is a work in marketing not economic theory}
2. Choose a league from any team sport you would like to consider. Assess the evidence that this league acts as a cartel to maximize joint profit for all the members from sales of tickets and IPR’s. In addition, please look at the issue of whether there are meaningful trade offs for other variables that are being taken into account.
3. ‘Massive economic growth and technlogical progress have brought us to the point where we should be enjoying increased amounts of leisure and increased satisfaction from it but sadly this is not the case’. Discuss.
Please use only one of the three questions to write the essay. From the reading list and other papers that I’ll upload use the relevant one’s to answer the question. The basic of the course is 3rd year level Microeconomics, so try to show your understanding of it. I prefer that you use simple writing because that’s my style, try not to make it sound complicated when not needed but don’t reduce from the quality. The content should be written in a clear structure and answer the question thoroughly, at the end of the essay the question should be answered completely with a strong conclusion. This is a 3rd year Economics of Leisure module for my Economics undergraduate course, please write it to a high standard as my future depends on it’s grade.
Referencing Requirements:
You might usefully consult Cameron,S. (ed.) 2016. Handbook on the Economics of Leisure. Edward Elgar. This should also be available in electronic book formats.
Other more specific works:
Andreff, W. & Szymanski,S. 2016. Handbook on the Economics of Sport.Edward Elgar.
Bowmaker,S. (ed.) 2015. Economics Uncut: A Complete Guide to Life, Death, and
Misadventure, Edward Elgar.
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Gerrard, B. (ed.)2016 The Economics of Association Football, Edward Elgar. Cheltenham.
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Zimbalist,A. & Woods,R.A. The Economics of Sports. Edward Elgar. 2013.
The above is a reading list for our Economics of Leisure module, each covers a specific area of the module.

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