“A defining condition of being human is that we have to understand the meaning of our experience.”
—Jack Mezirow

Consider the function of the Assignment Forums and the opportunity you have had to collaborate with your colleagues and future higher-education leaders.


Review the Assignment Forum contributions made by you and your colleagues, and think about how to synthesize the collaborative experience.

To complete
Write an approximately 3-page paper including 2 pages in which you summarize the Assignment Forums and 1 page in which you reflect on your own leadership development and goals. Identify three main concepts that you feel are important to incorporate in your own leadership.
Include your answers to the following questions:
What are my personal and professional goals for this program of study?
What are my strengths as a higher-education leader?
In what areas do I require further development?
How has this course work affected my notion of the role of the leader in higher education?
How do I see myself promoting positive social change through my leadership?
Your paper should use scholarly language and APA formatting.

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