What would you do?
Appropriately guiding young children is one of the most important jobs a teacher has in the classroom. As early childhood educators, we see misbehavior as an opportunity to teach a child the correct ways to behave. Since, we work with very young children we do not expect them to have learned socially appropriate adult behavior. It is a process that will take years of practice.

For this assignment, you will be examining different guidance scenarios and describing what an appropriate response would be. Copy the following guidance scenarios into a word document (or open the attached one). Then after reading your text and lecture notes, describe in a few sentences how you would handle each scenario. Please type your response after each scenario. It is helpful if you make your response easy to spot (change the font color, underline it, put it in bold, etc.). Please note: for each scenario there is more then one way to handle it, you will be graded on the thoroughness of your response and the appropriateness of your idea.


1.Jacob is 1 ½ years old.He grabs a truck away from Sarah as they are sitting in the block center.What do you do?

2.Libby, age 3, is in the art center painting her hands.What do you do?

3.Steven, age two, looks directly at you and then proceeds to begin climbing the bookshelf in the room.What do you do or say?

4.Katie and Asia have been playing in the dramatic play center.It is now clean up time.You have already indicated that it is clean up time, but they have not yet started cleaning up.What do you say or do?

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5.Daisy and Caleb are fighting over a tricycle on the playground.They are both pulling on the bike and then Caleb pushes Daisy.What do you do or say?

6.Caroline bites Whitney.They are in the two year old room. What do you do?

7.Latoya is in the preschool room.She is dropping little plastic chips onto the floor.They are bouncing up in the air.This behavior is annoying you.What do you do?

8.Joshua is in the block center.The three children in the center are trying to build towers, but their towers keep falling down because Joshua is hopping around.He is clearly not interested in building with the blocks but is not knocking down the towers on purpose.What do you do?

9.Your preschool group of children have been sitting at circle time 20 minutes and are very fidgety.You have asked them to sit on their bottoms, but they continue to move around.What do you do?


10.A child is dropping their spoon into their cereal bowl, which has a small amount of milk in it.You tell the child that spoons are for eating, not playing.As you are saying this, the child does it again and the milk spills all over the floor. What do you say and do now?