Please select 3 questions to be answered in class in a bluebook on the final exam day.
1) Describe the basic programmatic elements of designing an intervention? 2) Describe the social information processing model put forth by Crick and Dodge. How do Crick
and Dodge explain reactive and proactive aggression by their model? 3) Design a detailed policy that would be implemented in any given setting (involving children and adolescents) that you select that would increase the likelihood of prosocial behavior. 4) What factors contribute to the link between viewing violent media and actual violent behavior? Describe the theories explain the link between viewing violence and actual violent behavior? 5) Describe Baumrind’s parenting styles and be sure to define the dimensions of parenting from which parenting styles are derived. What are the outcomes that are associated with each type of parenting style? 6) Describe the cultural relativity and cultural universality perspectives on the developmental outcomes associated with the same parenting styles in different cultures.

Required reading: Handbook of Child Psychology (2006)
Useful Readings in the reader:
Aggression & Antisocial Behavior in Youth- Dodge, Coie, Lynam
Media & Popular Culture- Comstock, Scharrer