Educational Issue Project Plan

Title provided is Approved EIP topic is A tentative title of

approved EIP title is inconsistent with mentioned, but the EIP is provided

not included. pre-approved EIP tentative title is vague (and is clearly

Topic, or topic is or incomplete. connected to the

mentioned, but title approved topic of

of project is not the EIP)


2 – Issue/Content 0 points 1 point 4 points 6 points

Detailed description Vague description of General description of A more detailed

of the EIP topic is the topic is included, the topic is provided, description of the

not provided, or but explanation of with mention of what approved topic is

topic is vaguely what will be critically will be analyzed, and provided, including

mentioned but not analyzed and/or how the topic is an explanation of

explained; how the topic is broadly related to what exactly will be

connection to significant to African African American analyzed in the EIP

African American American education education. and how the topic is

education is not is unclear. related or otherwise

present. significant to the

education of African


3 – Design 0 points 1 point 4 points 6 points

No description of Mention of the Description of the Description of the

the option selected selected option or option selected for the option selected for

for the EIP is the selected EIP is provided, but the EIP (i.e., video,

included. software is included, the software that will Prezi or Powerpoint

but the planned be used to create it is presentation,

format of the EIP is not clearly specified. infographic or digital

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unclear. poster, interactive

timeline) is provided,

and which software

you will use to create your EIP is spedfied.

4 – References 0 points 1 point 3 points 5 points

No list of references Less than 3 A tentative list of at A tentative list of 3

is mentioned or scholarly references least three scholarly to 5 (or more)

included in the plan. is included in the references is provided scholarly references

plan and/or the and the citations are is provided and each

references in the list consistently formatted. citation is properly

are not formatted cited according to