Educational Research Assignment Tasks

You have already read an article by Stephen Ball in the module Reader. This was a position paper, rather than a research article. You are now asked to consider a subsequent position paper from the same author. 1. Using your internet search skills, find out about the professional career of Stephen Ball – e.g. the posts that he has held, the issues in which he has been interested and about which he has written. 2. Read the brief position paper which Ball published in 2011: ‘A new research agenda for educational leadership and policy’. 3. Revisit your notes on the earlier article by Ball in the reader and/or reread the article. 4. How does what you have found out about Ball help you to understand his evolving position as stated in the two position papers? (approx. 200 words) 5. Identify the main points that Ball makes in the paper he wrote in 2011. Be careful to use your own words to show your understanding and avoid direct citation from the text. (approx. 600 words) 6. Has undertaking these tasks changed your view of ‘educational research’ in any way? Give reasons for your response.

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