Effect of migrate workers on US

49. Effect of migrate workers on US


This essay has 2 part that must be answered.
1)Describe what you think to be the state of public opinion regarding immigration in the U.S. Do people by and large think it is a good thing? Or are people threatened by it. Or a little of both? Where do you see organized labor fitting into this? Explain
2)How has this book (course material) shaped your own thinking about both the reality of immigration and of immigrants themselves.Explain overview of NAFTA, the ethnographic snapshots of social and economic life in the “sending” areas of Mexico, the first-hand account of trips over the boarder, and the personal narratives of the working lives of migrants in the US in Hellman’s book and in the film “The other side of immigration.”The 2 sources for this paper must be the film named “The Other Side of Immigration,” and most definitely must have the book “The World of Mexican Migrants: The Rock and the Hard Place” by Judith Adler Hellman

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