Write three emails, one to a friend, one to a client, and one to a boss, informing them of the following
While waiting for the client’s package to arrive that contained all of the materials for the most recent ad
campaign, an employee of the firm you work for inadvertently received it and sent it back to that client.
When questioned about it, the employee at first denied seeing the package, but later recanted his story
and said that it didn’t contain anything related to his project, so he called the client and since they were
not familiar with his name, they presumed they had sent it to the wrong company.
Now, two days later, the VP for the client is upset at the delay and wants someone to contact her
immediately about the current status of the project and explain why the final proposal isn’t on her desk.
She mentions how the large retainer from her company can be withdrawn if this continues much longer.
Your boss wants you to handle the situation and to give him an up-to-date status.


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