Engineering Report

7. Engineering Report


Please no general report
I need to write about my project
Civil Engineering (Hons) Degree
Year 4
Project Drawings & Individual Engineering Report (30%):
The project drawings are submitted by each group and the engineering report is submitted individually by each member in the group. The project drawings and engineering report carry equal weighting (15% each) and will form the basis for the Viva Voce held at the end of the Semester.
Engineering Report:
The engineering report must fully describe the engineering services provided to the client (IDA) and critically assess the design choices made by your group. The project drawings submitted will form part of the tender documentation for the project and the report should refer to the drawings where relevant. In your conclusions, you should review and assess your project documentation and make recommendations to the client on possible revisions or alternative design options which will enhance the project (in your opinion). With respect to your engineering report; the following structure should be followed:
• Introduction
• Programme of works
• Buildability
• Project Management
• Environmental Impact
• Sustainability
• health and safety
• Cost & Value Engineering
• BIM & Facilities Management
• Recommendations
• Conclusions
• References
• Appendices
Additional headings may be included in your report and the order of the content within the report is at the discretion of the author. The minimum word count for the report (excluding TOC,
references and appendices) is 5000 words.
Each report will be read by two lecturers and the average mark will be awarded to the student. The report will marked out of 100 marks. Presentation & Structure of Report (Communication) 20 Marks
Technical Content 40 Marks
Critical Analysis 30 Marks
Conclusions & Recommendations 10 Marks
Project Drawings
The following project drawings to be submitted by each group:
• Topographical Survey
• Proposed Site Layout Drawing (WWTP, buildings, roads)
• 3D Model Drawing)
• Site Layout of WWTP
• Stormwater layout (Plan & sections)
• Foulwater layout (Plan & sections)
• Preliminary Construction Drawings (GA, sections)
Each group can also submit any additional drawings which they deem appropriate.
Note: Each group must submit a drawing register.

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