Which brings us to your essay. For this assignment you should choose one or both of these texts. I want you to look at the idea of success – personal, career, social, educational, etc. – and how effectively or ineffectively the narrators of these texts represent that. This necessitates that you, as the writer, first determine what you consider success to be and what areas of life we should use to gauge it. Is success found in self-actualization? In monetary earnings? Building a healthy, happy family? Something completely different?
You should put all of this in the context of the “real world.” Are we, as a society, doing it all wrong? Are we getting it right? Does it just depend on the person? Are the texts extremes in either direction? What should or shouldn’t we take away from Nervous Conditions and Fight Club?


Ultimately, this should be a persuasive essay where you will lay out what you consider to be the definition of success, how our society views and achieves it, and what, if anything, should be done to improve that perspective. You should supplement the texts with secondary library sources to further support your argument. (Some suggested search terms: text titles and/authors; self-actualization; success; education; anarchy; social norms; etc.)

3rd person
4-5 pages in length
Standard MLA or APA formatting
4-5 sources, 1-2 of which can be the above texts
You should take a persuasive approach, arguing your point through a solid thesis, concrete examples, and your analysis based on your research

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