Mike Rose (p.394) presents his own portrait of food service work. How do you think Oatman (p.390) would respond to his essay? in your view, does Rose’s argument about “blue-collar brilliance” lend further support or credibility to Oatman’s call for the rules around “tipping” to be changed” If so, how?

Two of the sources must be
Maddie Oatman “The Racist, Twisted History of Tipping” and
Mike Rose “Blue-Collar Brilliance” out of the book, “Acting Out Culture,” by James S. Miller and the third must be found through separate source

Make sure you have:

1 at least 3 full pages of content,
2 a works cited page that correctly lists out your sources,
3 clarity, cohesion, and organizational flow within your writing,
4 a title that encompasses the true essence of your paper,
5 a thesis statement that is developed, purposed, and clear,
6 claims and evidence that prove your perspective,
7 and one inch margins, Times New Roman 12 point font.


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