English Class Week 9 Discussion Board


-explore socio-logical and gender pressures and biases through text analysis
• Essay #3 -Part 2 -This week, you are going to compose a short review/critique (no less than 3 paragraphs – 10 to 15 sentences per

paragraph) on one selection from this week’s strategies posted in Required Resources . This assignment is due by the end of this week,

March 3.

Week 9 covers critical thinking strategies by posing questions that you should consider when writing your review. DO NOT ANSWER EACH

QUESTION, but use the questions to formulate your opinion of the story you have chosen to read and critique.
Lecture – Read the notes on how to write a review;
Required Resources- choose the selection you would like to review; you are selecting only one from one category-NOT ONE FROM EACH

Discussion Board- Share your selection;

• is, each of the stories I have selected for this week’s review will be based on issues that have a social commentary or gender

identity/stereotypes (or perhaps a combination), but you are to select only one short story listed in Required Resources (each short story

will be labeled accordingly).
The following are questions to consider when reading and reviewing the text you have selected.
If you select a short story with a sociological context:
1. How are class differences presented in the work? Are the characters aware or unaware of the economic and social forces that affect

their lives?
2. How do the economic conditions determine the characters’ lives?
If you select a short story with a gender context:
1. How are the women or men’s lives portrayed in the selection? Do the women or men accept or reject these roles?
2. What are the relationships between the men and women? Are these relationships sources of conflict? Do they provide resolutions or

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Remember, use these questions as guidelines; do not answer each one as an individual response; some questions may not apply.
This critique/review is Part 2 of the Essay #3 assignment.