Entry Level Job-Marketing Assistant

93. Entry Level Job-Marketing Assistant

Marketing Assistant is my entry level job
I need the extra page of works cited page with MLA format
follow the format with the files
have some tables in the essay
the word size should be 12
A revised Overview section, if
Both current demand for new hires in your entry-level job and continuing five
year outlook (see note below)
What methods you will use to get the job
Compensation (see note below)
Beginning compensation
Above compensation compared to national average of all jobs
Compensation after three to five years experience (specify number of years)
The possible career growth paths from the job. What positions or advancement people may pursue after, for example, three, five or seven years experience doing the job (e.g. lateral moves within or outside the original company, other job areas or responsibilities, management, entrepreneurial). You can discuss more than one of the ?three, five, seven years? timeframes if appropriate to your plans.
Revised Conclusion
Note: the following discussion topics from the above list require
documented data from reputable sources:
Beginning compensation level ? Compensation for 3-5 years job
Above compared to national average
Demand for new hires
The above areas of discussion require some thought and research ? perhaps including your interviewing someone employed in such a position ? as well as both careful documentation of sources and presentation of facts. You should also consider presenting any complicated numerical data in your paper through easily understood formats (tables, charts, etc.). A great place to begin your research is the Bureau of Labor Statistics website at www.bls.gov.
Use the third-person point of view (POV) when writing both halves of your research paper, which means you will use the ?he, she, they? voice rather than the ?I? voice. Your target reading audience is a large group of people considering your research paper topic as a career.
An Overview section, which narrows the reader?s attention from the general to the specific of your research statement.
A clear, concise research statement in the (now entitled) Overview section informs the reader of the purpose or organizing construct that acts as the controlling central idea. Like a thesis statement in an essay, the research statement in a research paper informs the reader of what the paper is about, yet, unlike a thesis statement, does not necessarily state an opinion that the author sets out to demonstrate or prove.
A clear organization to the paper.
Correct grammar usage. Grammar issues will lower your research paper score.
Smooth transitions between paragraphs
A series of body paragraphs that each have clear topic sentences, followed by information, examples, analysis, and a concluding sentence.
A Conclusion section that acts as a summation of the research material; a paraphrase (not a repetition of words) tying back to the thesis statement
Your research paper must include quotes or data from a minimum of seven major sources to support your discussion, and all of your sources must have both correct MLA parenthetical citations and accurate entries on your MLA- formatted Works Cited list. Seven major sources does not mean simply seven pages from one web site. You need to use a mix of source types in your research, so you need at least two of the seven sources to be something other than simply from the internet. Those minimum two other sources could be a personal interview, such as we discussed in class, a relevant magazine or newspaper article, a book. If you need ideas for what other type of source you can use, just look through the different non-electronic source types in Lunsford on pages 219- 20. Non-electronic sources are anything other than the ?digital written-word sources? listed in the table of contents of Works Cited entries on pages 219-20.
You can certainly use reputable web sites for some of the Works Cited entries, but you can only count any number of pages from the same web site as one source towards the minimum seven. As an example, you may look up the Wikipedia.org web pages for ?Interviews,? ?Salary? and ?Consulting.? You should list those on your Works Cited page if you quote from any of those web pages. However, you only get credit for one Works Cited source (Wikipedia.org), not three. Remember also that the Works Cited list is on a separate page at the end of the research paper, and that, again, the Works Cited does not apply towards meeting the minimum nine-page length. As this is a research paper,
these properly MLA-formatted Works Cited page and parenthetical citations are a key part of your grade for this assignment.
You should use quotes solely to buttress your argument and inform the reader; you do not want to over-quote just to lard up your paper. Consequently, use the fewest amount of words in each quote to succinctly and stylistically make your point ? do not quote more material than is necessary. An excessive amount of direct quotes (quotes set off by double quotation marks), or direct quotes that are excessively long ? more than two lines of essay text ? will lower your grade. In addition, the excessive use of paraphrasing will also lower your grade. Your research paper needs to be the summation of your research, not simply a collection of other people?s words. Refer back to the two documents discussing plagiarism you read earlier, as well as Lunsford pp. 195-203 if you have questions about acceptable paraphrasing and plagiarism.

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