ERP System Article: 1


Xu, H., Rondeau, P. J., & Mahenthiran, S. (2011). Teaching case the challenge of implementing an ERP system in a small and medium enterprise – A teaching case of ERP project management. Journal of Information Systems Education, 22(4), 291-296.

A Model of Supply Chain
Article: 2
Manuj, I., & Sahin, F. (2011). A model of supply chain and supply chain decision-making complexity. International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management, 41(5), 511-549. doi:

Discuss how you would integrate ERP systems internal and external across your entire organization or an organization of your choice? Describe how you would structure the implementation of your ERP system using the project management framework. Then discuss the positive impact that an ERP will have on the organization that you work for or one of your choices especially the impact on operations and project management. Support your details with in-depth research. please use 4 articles from herzing library


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