Briefly define and discuss each of the following topics in paragraph form (60-90 words)


1. Confucianism and social order in Korea
2. The role of the Hangŭl in the development of Korean national identity
3. Democratisation of South Korea in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s
4. The “Sunshine Policy” and its effects
5. Geopolitical location of the Korean Peninsula
6. The 38th Parallel: how it was drawn, changed, and its current status
7. The Jucheideology of North Korea
8. The Tonghak Peasant War (1984): cause, mottos, and impacts
9.The Korea War (1950-53) as a “civil war”
10. South Korea’s aging population and its economic and social impacts
11.Peculiarities of Japanese colonial policy in Korea (1910-1945)
12. “Asian Tigers”
13. Korean nation and “proto-nationalism”
14. Hallyu and Korean popular culture
15. The “tributary system” in Korea’s relationship with China
16. Yangban
17. March the First Movement
18. Korean ethnic economy


1.The Cultural Revolution
2. The tribute system
3.The great leap forward
4. China as Middle Kingdom


1.The first Sino-Japanese war
2. The Meiji Restoration
3. comfort women
4. The Allied Occupation of Japan

East Asia (China, Korea and Japan):

1.Neo-Confucianism and Confucianism
2. Unequal treaties
3. Orientalism
4. Treaty ports


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