Establishing a compliance culture

Establishing a compliance culture

Planning and Communicating your message across the culture:

1. Who are the stakeholders;
Roles and reporting duties?
2. List your activities;
What are these and what is their scope / purpose?
3. Define your constraints;
Are there cost or legal considerations?
4. Define your resources;
Are these available?
5. Develop a timeline;
Will the project’s deliverables be met?
6. Allocate your resources;
How will these be allocated and to whom?
7. Define your budget;
Provide a budget breakdown?
8. How will you monitor your project;
How will you manage the project?
9. How will you report on your project;
What types of reports needs to be produced and how will these meet the needs of the project and organisation?


PROJECT Deliverable:
Stakeholder 1

Stakeholder 2

Community care centre managers
Stakeholder 3

External consultant
Stakeholder 4

Warehouse manager
Develop a budget
Meet legislative requirements
A; R; S
Have a risk management plan
P; A; R; I; S
Have clearly stated policies
R; I; S

Participant – involved but not at a critical level
Accountable – must answer to management for the project task status
Review needed or required
Input needed or required
Sign Off Required

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