Ethics and Self Awareness

This final assignment brings together the course objectives and activities into one final paper. For this paper, you will be utilizing the National Organization for Human Services/Council for Standards in Human Service Education, together with the Steps in the Ethical Decision Making Decisions found in Chapter 1. This project will involve two parts 1) an ethical vignette and 2) working through the steps of ethical decision making. 1) Ethical Vignette: Create an ethical situation you may or may not have experienced. This ethical dilemma vignette should utilize the background information of the client giving context to the client including spirituality (or lack of), SES, age, gender and sexual orientation, and any other information to give the reader a context of the client. Identify various issues in the case but be sure to identify an ethical dilemma that can be found in the above Code of Ethics. 2) Working Through: Go through the steps of the ethical decision making model, be sure to emphasis as appropriate least intrusive/least restrictive environment, confidentiality and limits of, respect for client self-determination, and utilizing an interdisciplinary team. Not including cover sheet and reference page, this paper should be no more than 6 pages. Follow APA cover sheet and reference page styling for full credit.


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