Evaluation of Nursing Research


This is an essay of 2000 words
references are to 20 including in this are references form Courtney, M McCutcheon, H(ED) 2016 Using Evidence to guide nursing practiCe 2nd ed Chatswood Churchill Livingstone/Elsevier
In this essay are to identify the major research paradigms in nursing and their associated methodologies evaluate their applicability to the investigation of nursing practice and discuss how well they support the principles of cultural safety
Will identify appraise and utilise research as an evidence base for nursing practice
differentiate between research methodologies of inquiry and appraise their applicability in the investigation of nursing practice
Investigate cultural issues acknowledging cultural safety as a basis for nursing practice
paradigms— are to synthesise a range of paradigms and methodologies utilised in nursing research —-evaluate there applicabiltiy to the varying contexts of nursing practice giving specific and detailed explainatIon and examples based on practice and good quality evidence
— support essay with a wide range of good qualIty literature which demonstrates that you have identified and utilised a wide rangE of resources
—Cultural safety identifies and explains core concepts of cultural safety and its impact on nursing research— fives a balanced and multifaceted evaluation of the paradigms relationship with cultural safety
identify where the paradigms address cultural safety explored underlying philosophical and cultural biases and discusses ways to overcome mitigate areas of concern
— make accurate and informed judgments about this relationship supported by evidence from peer reviewed literature