Exam Notes

Need to prepare notes on these questions without any in-text referencing, except for mentioning certain documents that you might be using to write this.


It should be about 550 words each.


  1. From an examination of the latest four reports from Special Rapporteur and child protection for Ireland. Critically examine the issues that are highlighted as being of concern regarding child protection in Ireland.




  1. NGO’s (non-profit organizations that work independently of any government) are important in providing services for victims and their offenders of domestic violence and abuse. Choose two NGO’s in Ireland, and based on review of their key documents and policy statements (including end of year reports) critically evaluate their contribution to policy and practice.


à need to talk about the domestic violence in general and then focus on two NGO’s in Ireland related to domestic violence. You should use these two:

SAFE IRELAND: http://www.safeireland.ie/

WOMEN’S AID: https://www.womensaid.ie/





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