Executive Summary


Each student will develop a basic compliance program for a company with which they are familiar (such as an employer, past employer, church, civic organization, etc.). PLEASE pick a company that is based in the USA.


FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT the following is due:

Part I: Executive Summary

The Executive Summary should identify the company, its primary business/business model, and contain a 2-3 paragraph description of the company.

Additionally, the Executive Summary needs to “set up” the rest of the program. To that end, it should identify some of the primary fraud risks associated with the company and/or its primary business/business model, and identify an organizational position statement on fraud/fraudulent activities. In total, the executive summary (not including title page and any references needed) should be 1-2 single spaced pages.

The Executive Summary should be formatted as a professional memo report. A sample guide and executive summary is provided to show how to format this (as well as other) assignments for the course. The sample should also provide you with some ideas to help you get started. You might also consider reviewing the links below for additional reading prior to composing your draft of the executive summary.


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