Exploring Competitive Strategy, Business Processes, And Open Source

(Zeek The Geek) Exploring Competitive Strategy, Business Processes, And Open Source

Answer the questions below regarding the BOI you have chosen(IKEA). Use the template provided here to structure your submission: MGMT-220_Project_Week2_Template.docxPreview the document
Competitive Strategy
Strongest Competitive Force Faced by the BOI
Briefly explain the BOI’s industry. Additionally, if the BOI’s competitive strategy is based on an industry segment, identify the segment. Explore the strongest competitive force faced by the BOI.
Competitive Strategy Identified
Explain the BOI’s overall competitive strategy. For a demonstration of how to graphically identify the BOI’s competitive strategy using the pin and table in the template, watch: CompetitiveStrategy_PinPlacement.mp4Click to view undefined
IS for Competitive Advantage
Based on what you know right now, how do (or could) Information Systems provide a competitive advantage within the current competitive strategy of your BOI?
Business Processes
Introduce the various business processes. Select one to go into depth. Diagram and describe the process selected with which to go into depth.
Opportunity for Process Improvement
Identify the opportunities for improvement that exist in the process diagrammed. Does the improvement involve IT?
Open Source
Explore open source stuff already in use by your BOI.
Opportunity for Usage
What new opportunities exist to use open source software? What are the implications? Check out the license agreement.
IS Components (Revisited)
Expanding on the work started in Week 1, add any new IS components you identified this week. If any changes or additions need explanation, add that explanation by way of a footnote.

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