Faith, Spirituality and Ethics

95. Faith, Spirituality and Ethics

Essay requires 3 points: 1.Discussion of what are spirituality and faith, including sources of beliefs in the Sacred (based on at least one article). 2.Discussion of the value of faith and spirituality for various individuals and groups (based on least one article). 3.Analysis giving your agreement and/or disagreement with specific items in what you heard and read about the first two points above, giving the reasons for your opinions. You can include additional considerations which you feel should be included in the discussion of faith and spirituality. This paper should show that you understand and can integrate the ideas in the following outcome: Outcome3.1. An understanding of faith and spirituality, and an appreciation for their significance within the human community Criteria Students are able to: 3.1a. Understand faith and spirituality both as matters for intellectual reflection and as styles of life that offer structures, self-awareness, and depth of experience to individuals and communities. 3.1b. Interpret multiple facets of faith and spirituality, including sources of tradition and beliefs and experiences of God and the Sacred. 3.1c. Understand different religious and non-religious perspectives and value systems central to faith and spirituality.