36. Feminism

The essay will be based on the readings that I provide. Please only choose ONE or at most TWO small readings to write the essay.
Here is the instruction for this assignment:
"Choosing one or at most two texts from the selections of essays, speeches, creative work excerpted in Freedman’s The Essential Feminist Reader, analyze the positioning of the gendered body in the feminist approach to the social, political and/or psychological transformation/liberation that is being called for in your chosen text(s). You may want to consider the writer’s discussion of gender dyssemetry, "essentialism," creativity, sexuality, labor and material conditions, racial distinctions (including those used metaphorically) in the proposals or critique being made. Additionally pay attention to the rhetoric of the writer, kinds of language, link between content and form of the piece, etc. Who is "the woman" or "women" being discussed?"
Special request: Please only write the essay based on the reading that I provided, and don’t use any other outside source. I am not a native English speaker.

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