Film Analysis Paper #2

31. Film Analysis Paper #2

Please write 3 pages of analysis on ONE film. NO SUMMARY of the film is needed (or wanted). (We want your analysis of the film on issues relating to planning, design, environment, culture, and/or society). Be sure to write a very succinct paper with intro, body, and conclusion. Spend time checking grammar, punctuation, run-on sentences, incomplete sentences, and spelling (see writing guidelines document ). Here’s a paper structure hint that you may find helpful: 1. Think of a position on a major planning or related issue you would like to analyze for the movie. 2. Think of 2-4 statements that support your position. 3. In your intro paragraph, clearly state your position (identified in #1) and briefly mention your supporting statements (#2). 4. Each paragraph after your intro should be dedicated to explaining ONE of your supporting statements. You may use specific examples from the movie to provide further support and evidence. 5. Write a concluding paragraph that essentially wraps up your position, and ideally provides sheds sort of new light based on the arguments provided in the body of the paper. 6. Make sure to include New York City paper
i have attached this is the link of the movie:


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