Film Analysis Paper

-Sunrise This assignment is to analyze the film “Sunrise”(1927). Discuss a specific theme that you consider significant in the film.(For example: themes might include: the struggles of the urban working class, the construction of family, the role of the individual in society, the law, the frontier, age, race, ethnicity, sexuality, etc.). Consider how characters and events are represented and make meaning in relation to the theme of your choosing. Assess how the film expresses and uses the theme with reference to narrative structure, mise-en-scéne , cinematography and film style. Mise en scène – Discuss the film’s employment of various properties of mise en scène, such as lighting, staging, acting, setting, props, and costumes. For example, you could discuss how lighting is used to create expressionistic effects, or how costumes inform character, how the setting relates to the narrative, or how staging and movement is used to draw our attention to particular areas of the image, among other possibilities. Cinematography – Discuss the film’s use of various cinematographic properties, such as framing (on screen and off screen space, shot scale, angle, height, etc), camera movement (tracking, panning, tilting, etc), lens focal lengths, depth of field, and film stock. How does cinematography reveal or conceal information? How might it color our perspective on the narrative? Does it create any recurring patterns or motifs throughout the film? How does it function in relation to narrative? Note: 1. Fill in more film details when you do examples in the paper, but do not summary the plot too long. 2. Write an thesis statement at the end of the first paragraph, and restate the thesis statement at the last paragraph. 3. Write a topic sentence for every body paragraph. Use PIE( point-information-explaination) format. Clearly explain how the examples you used related to the theme and your thesis statement.

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