Film & Theater studies

“Make a detailed argument that traces the relation of present to past as depicted in films (e.g., the historical memory of Red Detachment of Women).
The file “Film Argument Paper assignment” is the instruction of this paper. In that instruction, there is one requirement, says “All papers must cite at least one course reading”, the file named “img004.pdf” is the course reading related to this film, please at lease cite it once. And another one in instruction: “Descriptions of scenes and shots should show the analytical skills you used in Papers 1-3 of this class”, what we did in previous papers are analyses of a scene or shot using filming techniques, like, in this shot, it’s using high-key lighting, it’s using high contrast, something like that. So when you write, please relate these to the arguments, like the meaning of using high contrast here. I also uploaded the film terms file.
The film’s name is “Red Detachment of Women”, an old Chinese film, and here is the link if you needed: (you may want to turn on the subtitle)
And please also relate to the historical background of this film when writing.
The “Guidelines for Writing Papers” is just how to write papers, you may not really need it.

ALL 3356W Chinese Film
Film Argument Paper
DUE: Monday, March 27 (by midnight)
Make an original argument about one or more films watched in the class so far, supporting it
with concrete evidence from both the film and the relevant readings.
Please read the assignment below carefully. Papers will be graded according to how well they
follow the assignment instructions.
The paper must have a clear, focused thesis (your own main argument), stated in the introduction,
which the body of the paper systematically argues. All papers must cite at least one course
reading in a way that helps to advance your own argument (no random citations just to meet the
All papers must include specific evidence from the film(s) that supports your argument.
Descriptions of scenes and shots should show the analytical skills you used in Papers 1-3 of this
class. There are links to most films on the course Moodle page. Some require signing in at the
UMN Digital Content Library site and possibly searching for the film if the link does not take
you to it. If you do not see a link on the Moodle site, you may have to check out the film from
either the East Asian Library in the Wilson Library or the SMART Learning Commons in the
Walter Library, or else finding it through Amazon Prime or Netflix if you have access to those.
length: 3-5 pages, double-spaced (about 900-1500 words).
Please consult all of the “Guidelines for Writing Papers” handout (available on Moodle). Follow
those “Guidelines” for citing course readings. No sources outside of course texts need to be used,
but if you do use other sources—either online sources or other books or articles—you must cite
them using either MLA or Chicago Manual of Style form.
Papers that use any sources without proper use of quotation marks and citations will receive a “0”
(F) for plagiarism, and the student will be reported to the Office for Student Conduct and
Academic Integrity.
grading standards:
mechanics & organization 5
quality/clarity of thesis 5
use of evidence from readings 5
use of evidence from film 10
total 25 points (25% of final grade)
NOTE: The first draft of this assignment will be commented upon but not graded. Only a final
draft showing revisions you made based on the comments will be graded.

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