Final Group Project

Final Group Project, minimum 5pages.

1. The company we are doing is “Instacart”, a grocery delivery company. Provide a description which includes mission statement, short and long term goals, description of the overall company culture, summary of the main financials if available, etc.
2. Identify the known problem that you would like to address via training.
3. Select at least 2 needs assessment methods and specify why these would be effective (Table 3.2)
4. Conduct needs assessment to confirm the identified problem and confirm the actual root cause of the problem to make sure your training will be tailored appropriately and indeed address the issue both short term and long term.
5. Identify your audience and select the most appropriate learning methods (Chapter 4)
The Audience should be the delivery driver and full-service grocery shoppers. The learning method I chose are Expectancy theory and Adult learning theory. This one should already be at least one page, since I am in charge of focus this in group.
6. Describe the training facility and sample action plan (Chapter 5, Figure 5.6)
7. Select most appropriate training methods depending on the audience, training content and delivery methods (Chapters 7-8)
8. Select 2 training evaluation methods and specify why they will be effective and how you will implement them (Chapter 6)
9. Final conclusions!

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