Final Paper: Putting it Together

For this assignment you must see a LIVE theatre performance.
If you have questions about what is appropriate, contact me through the private messages section of the ETUDES site. Respond to all three of the questions below. Question 1 requires simple information only.

1) Performance information:
a. Name of play and playwright
b. Producing organization and venue
c. Date of performance you attended
d. Director’s name
e. For Musicals
i. Composer and lyricist

2. Write an overall evaluation of quality of the production and the worth of the play. (100 points)
This is the first time you have been asked to write an over-all evaluation. Employ the critical criteria discussed in the modules, and in Cohen, chapters 11 (The Critic) and chapter 2 (What is a Play?), especially the section outlining the well-made play. Unlike the previous papers where you were asked to respond to specific sections, this should be one analytical paper written as if you were writing for someone who had not seen the production but is considering buying a ticket. You should make reference to the quality of the play itself, the acting and the design. You should address the relevance of the play in today’s society, what the author’s intent was when written and whether you feel the production is faithful to that intent or not. Support your opinions with specific references from the production that you see.
3. The final problem (150 points):
You have a close friend who is coming to visit and who has had very little experience with theatre. You have just taken an introduction to theatre class and are excited about live theatre. You want to share your knowledge and enthusiasm with your friend. You have seen several plays and films for the course this quarter. Assume that they are all still playing on stage near you. You decide to take your friend to three of these plays. Which three will you choose (or not choose) and why? Explain how each of the plays will contribute to your friend’s understanding of theatre. How will you prepare your friend for each experience? Of the things we have explored in this class, which stand out in each of the three productions you choose.
The thoughtfulness and depth of your answers, supported by the insights you’ve gained this quarter and the examples from the productions you saw, will be the basis for your grade. Refer to the paper grading rubric for more specific guidelines.

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Your paper will be divided into three, numbered responses. The first two will comprise your review of your final play — “1” and “2” above and account for one half of your grade. The third will be your approach to teaching your friend about live theatre — “3” above and will account for the other half of your grade.